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Save The Widows, Single Mothers and Children.

In a world where selfishness has become the order of day for most people, the troubles of the neighbor next door is not worry anyone else but the sufferer. The weak sects go through a lot of hardships as they a barely get by a meal. In many communities, there are a lot of widows, single mothers and their children going through unimaginable difficulties. Some children loiter about neighborhoods while their friends are in school. Most of these children engage in menial jobs just to survive. Some of these mothers are stricken with illnesses so are unable to fend for themselves and their children. This unfortunate situation is a time bomb waiting to explode on us. These children may grow up to become a menace to society and a threat to national and global security if nothing is done about it. Today's armed robber or terrorist was once upon a time, an innocent baby. So the question is, "what went wrong?". Save the legend therfore seeks to address these pertinent issues many societyies are faced with.

Save The Zoo

This project seeks to help develop the Ark of Noah Mini Zoo into a major tourist site, educational centre as well as a recreational centre to help boost tourism in Ghana and in Africa. This project has recorded good success as it has merited the attention of the Ministry of Tourism, Ghana Tourism Authority, the media, major stakeholders as well as other interested persons and entities.

Save The Legend

This was our maiden project. With this project, STL seeks to become a tangible voice for our living legends (men and women who were over renowned in their various specialties such as, sports, politics, painting, teaching, music, farming, etc) who are in deplorable states and living at the mercy of time. We realized that most of these legend are celebrated only after they pass on. This is a fast growing evil which has become a societal norm. This STL reaches out to these living legends and brings their concerns and plights to the attention of stakeholders and the public. The first legend we reached out to was the late Mac Jordan Amartey who's matchless acting skills will forever be missed.