Save The Legend is an NGO that seeks to bring life to anyone, and anything with seeming potential but due to societal neglect, lack of requisite knowledge, lack of support, lack of needed attention, etc is unable to blossom, grow or develop fully. These potentials range from talented individuals, to ideas, businesses, societal time bombs, natural resources and any other we are yet to discover.

We therefore have our main objective which is to honour our legends while they live. We also seek to sponsor children who are of school going age whom for lack of funds are still home and loitering about in our communities. Save the legend also helps startups bring their ideas to fruition; from its birth to its productive life. We also identify, nurture and develop talents from all fields (music especially).

Our activities are flexible and therefore will we seek to diversify anytime we are afforded the chance.

Nathaniel Tetteh Ogli


Kobby Odonkor


Theophilus Atuahene Adu