The Ark of Noah Mini Zoo houses over Thirty (30) different animals, plants and mineral extracts: talk less of breeds and species is solely kept and managed by a Man who has committed all His resources into running and keeping His Mini Zoo (THE ARK OF NOAH) for close to five(5)years.,  right here in Accra (New Bortianor). I present to you Mr Foli Adamaha (Wildlife Preservation).

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Dr. Ziblim Iddi visited the site with the member of parliament of the constituency and the assembly man of the area with some able residents and landlord also present. His visit was the first of a kind, and his zeal to assist was none to compare. He assured us of His full support to enhance the facility into a national tourist centre.

At Save The Legend we believe the only motivation for Mr Foli Adamaha (Owner of the zoo), is His belief in the fact that it stands as a national treasure, because we know how he struggles to keep the facility.

The Ark of Noah provides a gene pool to be conserved and protected so that it can serve as an invaluable resource for future usage. We house a beautiful and interesting array or natures finest such as, monkeys, ostriches, peacocks, eagles, hawks, porcupines, crocodiles, exotic fowls, owls, parrots, snakes, white grasscutters, guinea pigs, quails, bush cats, antelope, plants, mineral extracts, etc.

This project is extremely important for academic, recreational and tourism purposes.

Presently the zoo needs an upgrade through donors to build new cages, pens, coops, kennels, ponds, children’s playground, etc to house these animals and serve as a delight to visitors. In the light of this, I will need wood, paint, cement, stones/tiles/marbles, feed, get more animals, etc among other materials to help develop and bring life to the Ark of Noah Mini Zoo.

We can do it all hence counting on your support to save the zoo

Thank you.


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