“Save the Legend”, an organization consisting of young passionate ladies and gentlemen with a humanitarian agenda of saving our generation by reaching out to forgotten and neglected legends, donated toiletries to Mr. Mac Jordan Amartey on February 14th, 2016.
The veteran actor and public person had battled diabetes in recent times, which unfortunately led to the amputation of his lower right leg.
In their quest to honour legends of our time, they followed up and presented him some items at his Mataheko residence.

According to the founder of the NGO, Nathaniel Tetteh Ogli (Natty Ogli), this journey started one morning when he had strong convictions and memorable thoughts of Mr. Mac Jordan Amartey.
He stated, “I reluctantly posted my thoughts on facebook which read;
“So where’s Mac Jordan Amartey aka Mr A.A.A Ayaa? Such a great talent; left at the mercy of oblivion. Will he pass on like the many others just like that. The societal neglect of our once-upon-a-time heroes. This attitude is sickening; very sad and for how long will it continue?
Mr Solomon Sampah just passed… Must we always wait for these gems to pass on before we honour them? As if they’ll enjoy our accolades and kindness from the grave.

In less than an hour, this innocent thought extended to facebook and it received positive feedbacks from the online community.

Mr. McJordan Amartey expressed unending gratitude to this group saying; “This is unheard of. I have never seen such a thing in my life; that a group would want to save its legends. God bless you all”. According to him, this kind gesture tells him that his works in the past still lingers on in the hearts and minds of many and that to him is enough.
He advised all and sundry to be dedicated and hardworking towards our aspirations.
In pursuit of happiness, let us always pay attention to the happiness of others too.

Mr. Natty Ogli revealed that it was necessary for this course of saving legends to be pursued. STL hopes to reach out to more legends in the near future.
He pledged for government officials, churches, individuals and other organizations to extend their support to the men and women who once gave them reasons to smile.


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